We repair most watches onsite
We are constantly upgrading both methods and technology to stay current with the changes in the watch making industry. All of the services follow the manufacturing services recommendations.
Ultrasonic cleaning, vibrograf testing for the accuracy, water pressure testing for water resistance to factory specifications. Genuine parts are used when still available.
How often should I have my watch serviced?
Although this depends on how the watch has been cared for, it is recommended that you schedule a
watch service every 3-5 years. A watch is a precision instrument that must be occasionally serviced to replace specialty oils and to remove dust, moisture and any other contaminants that may have infiltrated the watch case. Over time, old oil and dust may combine to produce an abrasive paste that actually causes wear in precision parts which may result in a broken watch.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
All watch repairs and services are backed by a full one year